Makin’ Copy

I craft copy to convert tire kickers into acolytes using deep research and inspired exploration.

In addition to my work with the City of Burlington, agencies and studios I’ve partnered with include Ruthless & Wellington, Union Street Media, and Spike Advertising (nuwave).

Expect authentic, persuasive, and productive copy. Expect measurable impact and impeccable style.

Recent Work

Obscura BTV

I named and led communications for Burlington’s blissfully successful total solar eclipse event, playfully grounding the once-in-a-lifetime celestial phenomenon in the arts world with a reference to the camera obscura. Cosmic design by Ted Olson.

Let There Be Love

I wrote this campaign for Burlington-based brand sorceresses Ruthless & Wellington, on behalf of Lake Champlain Chocolates. “The Better ‘Be Mine’” and “Inspire Desire” were other copy contenders. Heartening design by R&W.

LCC Holiday Campaign

Another one for LCC via Ruthless & Wellington. The goal here was to be refined and wholesome with a bit of bite. My pitch “Your Other Gift’s Insurance Policy” had more than a bit of bite. R&W’s design made these ads pop from the page.

Masks Mean Business

During the pandemic, Burlington City Arts pitched in with content for the City’s Resource and Recovery Center. I thought of this campaign while driving to the dump. Ted Olson again on design.

PAC Promo

As the Marketing Content Manager for the Flynn Center, I wrote the yearly series catalogs. Salad days. Cover by S+H Design.


“John's copywriting work for Union Street Media has been invaluable. His high quality work with quick turnarounds on tight deadlines, was impressive to say the least. I tasked John with assignments specifically with SEO in mind for real estate and the results this has had for organic search, on my client's websites, has been extraordinary. John also contributed editing, proofreading and landing page copy.  A highly reliable and professional colleague.”

—Thomas Cull, Literary Agent, Cull & Co. Ltd.

John is one of the most capable writers I've had the pleasure of working with. He displays impressive initiative in pitching creative pieces and following through with polished copy — reliable to the max.”

—Arikia Millikan, Founder and Chief Strategist, CRTL+X

John is a quick study. We met up once to talk shop, and he pitched me on a few ideas. I connected him with two of my editors and within a few weeks he was cranking out great features for and Seven Days. I better up my game a bit or he's going to leave me in the newsprint and digital dust.”

—Matt Bushlow, Senior Project Manager, Flimp Communications

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