Fakists (2023)

Tom Landsaw is out of prison and ready to continue a life interrupted. Fakists is the story of what happened: how a visiting professor at an upstate art school upended a burgeoning relationship, and how Landsaw's ensuing revenge proved disastrous. Along the way, a surfing detective falls for a burned-out curator under fire from the board, priceless art goes missing, and an onslaught of characters inhabit locales from the rainy streets of Donegal to an artist ranch in the California desert. Fakists is a smart and funny meditation on authenticity; a pastoral of bad calls, boozy egoism, false facts, and honest fakes.


“Flanagan's assured descriptions and beautifully terse comic dialogue pulled this reader right in. The novel's satire of the academic art world crackles: Having ordered students to draw lines that contain "[a]n entire universe in every stroke," the professor "walked from student to student, drawing his own apparently profound lines beside those that failed to capture the entirety of existence." Along the way, Flanagan raises deeper questions about the nature and value of artistic authenticity. His own talent is no fake.”

—Margot Harrison, Seven Days

“Flanagan…is all over the Vermont arts scene. In “Fakists,” [he] writes about art, deception and the long-term prices people pay for short-term decisions.”

Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press

“Fakists cleverly blends crime and creativity into an interesting story. It is a quick read and will add to your summer reading pleasure.”

— J D Jung, Underrated Reviews

“Wonderful story with characters who you grow to care about, know well, laugh at, and feel connected to.”

—Alex, Albuquerque, NM

“This novel was gripping, interesting, colorful and almost mesmerizing. I entered a world and did not want to leave . I loved the way the author weaved his sentences. Clever, smart and incisive. A real treat. I look forward to the next one.”

—Amy, San Francisco, CA

Interesting array of characters with a satisfyingly unexpected twist. This new novelist has shown he can develop a page turning story with ease.”

—Rhiannon, New Haven, VT

“Quite the story.”

—My Mom, Brewster, MA

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